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[quote:1augh6jq]Not really likely that anyone would believe one way without knowing the others…. but No, not really – example the thief on the cross or any deathbed type conversions.[/quote:1augh6jq]
[color=darkred:1augh6jq]You have to be kidding Ron? Essential beliefs in Christianity is exactly what’s being debated every day. One can in fact believe Christ died for your sins and deny the Trinity for example. Your claim has no basis in reality.[/color:1augh6jq]
[quote:1augh6jq]Where does it say only Judaic law – or did we forget Romans 11:6?[/quote:1augh6jq]
[color=darkred:1augh6jq]Paul specifically begins Chaper 11 by noting his ancestry in the Tribe of Benjamin. The context is there for you to see it’s relationship with Judaic Law.[/color:1augh6jq]
[quote:1augh6jq]do you know anyone that can keep these laws PERFECTLY?[/quote:1augh6jq]
[color=darkred:1augh6jq]Nope. But I don’t see it as an impossibility though. [/color:1augh6jq]
[quote:1augh6jq]I don’t think so and since Jesus is the only one, don’t you think we should submit to His ways?[/quote:1augh6jq]
[color=darkred:1augh6jq]No I do not. Cause according to you all you have to do is believe. Submission is not part of the deal according to you. :mrgreen:
Of course you have to submit to his ways!![/color:1augh6jq]
[quote:1augh6jq]What works that you list will remove even one sin? [b:1augh6jq]NONE[/b:1augh6jq][/quote:1augh6jq]
[color=darkred:1augh6jq]Outside of Christ, none.[/color:1augh6jq]
[quote:1augh6jq]Like the thief, there are some that will yes as in deathbed conversions If a person doesn’t have works over some time I’d question his faith but understand that works are a result or evidence about one’s saved or not, they do not remove sin. [/quote:1augh6jq]
[color=darkred:1augh6jq]So the normative means of salvation is that they should produce works? If they don’t and aren’t dieing in a bed or cross then you would question their faith. Are works [b:1augh6jq]guranteed[/b:1augh6jq] in true believers?[/color:1augh6jq]
[quote:1augh6jq]I understand that Purgatory is not there and is NOT in the Bible! It is simply “Hogwash” indeed![/quote:1augh6jq]
[color=darkred:1augh6jq]Childish babble from someone who has shown not to understand Catholicism. I hardly think anyone that knows the difference takes you serious.[/color:1augh6jq]
[quote:1augh6jq]Then why don’t you????[/quote:1augh6jq]
[color=darkred:1augh6jq]Point out where I have misunderstood you. <img decoding=:” title=”Question” /> [/color:1augh6jq]