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[color=darkred:3cykrrez]Ok fellas, let’s get back on topic.

[b:3cykrrez]From the Purgatory thread Ron said:[/b:3cykrrez][/color:3cykrrez]
[quote:3cykrrez]I’ve explained that nothing we do except believing in what Jesus did at Calvary nearly 2000 years ago, will get them into Heaven, no amount of anything we do can help get anyone into Heaven, that works comes after the faith part just as Ephesians 2:10 follows verses 8+9, faith alone saves.
The works just reflect what one believes. For instance, to believe in a place such as Purgatory proves that you don’t believe Jesus took care of your sins. [/quote:3cykrrez]

[color=darkred:3cykrrez]Let’s see if I understand you correctly.
-The only thing one must DO is believe in what Jesus Christ did at Calvary.

You do not have to believe:
1. The ten commandments
2. In the Trinity
3. In Heaven and Hell
And a list of other things that most all Christians believe. Surely you believe in these things Ron? I’m quite certain you do. Your simplisitic faith of “Believe in Jesus” is a loaded statement that if I was to push you would see a list of things YOU MUST believe. But we can’t have a list right Ron? Cause if you do, your going to be just like them lost Catholics. :rolleyes:

I await your clarification.[/color:3cykrrez]