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UD, I think you will be going in circles with this topic if we don’t get salvation out of the way first. Purgatory is only a part of salvation.
Just check out his definition of faith:

[quote:1eezip1l]A belief in or confident attitude toward God, [color=green:1eezip1l]involving commitment[/color:1eezip1l] to His will [color=red:1eezip1l]for one’s life[/color:1eezip1l].[/quote:1eezip1l]

Two things to notice here.

[b:1eezip1l]1.[/b:1eezip1l] It sure does appear that [color=green:1eezip1l]”involving commitment”[/color:1eezip1l] is their way of saying works as we understand it. Commitment to God is so obvious to catholics that it’s not a word we toss around often.

[b:1eezip1l]2.[/b:1eezip1l] Since Protestantism has a much greater and only focus (at least most I have come across with and read about) on a [color=red:1eezip1l]one on one type[/color:1eezip1l] of relationship with God it does affect how they interpret the scriptures. As catholics we also have a one on one personal relationship, but we often extend verses to the Church. Or the [b:1eezip1l]family of God.[/b:1eezip1l] It’s way more of a family setting and it is rather special because you have a family and a one on one with God. Although the [color=red:1eezip1l]one on one [/color:1eezip1l]is something we mostly do in prayer and is not something we focus on ONLY. It’s more of a humbling type of extension in my opinion.

Lastly, if [i:1eezip1l]involving commitment[/i:1eezip1l] with God is something one must DO, then it is rather obvious that Ron doesn’t believe in a DO NOTHING faith. More interesting is whether someone has to even do this to go to heaven. Do they Ron? <img decoding=” title=”Wink” />

If you ask me, we should go duke out salvation first. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />