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Uncertandrummer says:[quote:1tpd51bc]
You are right, Scripture can’t contradict itself, and 1 Corinthians 3: 10-15 clearly says that we will suffer loss but still be saved. Now how exactly is that possible? How can we be burned and yet still be saved? Purgatory is simply the only thing that makes sense. [/quote:1tpd51bc]

we (believers) will lose many rewards at the Bema Seat Judgment for our motives were possible wrong or whatever, but we’re still saved. This is about our works being examined not our bodies being burnt. No Purgatory doesn ‘t make sense when Jesus already took care of our sins on the cross

[quote:1tpd51bc] James ALSO says we are justified by “works and not by faith alone”. I don’t suppose you’d care to explain THAT to me?[/quote:1tpd51bc]

I already explained this….. if a man has no works then His Faith probably isn’t for real – but that doesn’t mean that works take away sins nor helps save anyone. Our salvation is a Gift (Romans 6:23b) to whomever believes in the only work that can take away sins – what Jesus did nearly 2000 yeares ago on the cross -and we can get it by faith only

[quote:1tpd51bc]What sin isn’t deadly? Haven’t you read where John TELLS us not all sin is deadly? So you are, as usual, going back to the old protestant idea that if we die with sin it all gets wiped away for no good reason at all. so tell me, why shouldn’t i sin ALL THE TIME? Why shouldn’t I do what Luther said, and sin a thousand times a day to prove my faith in Jesus Christ (and have a good time while doing it)? [/quote:1tpd51bc]

Physically most sins don’t put you to death – physical death But as Scriptures say no sin gets into Heaven so spiritually we must be cleansed and that is by faith in what Jesus did. Why not sin? B elieving in Him means that we strive to obey Him too… don’t overlook the fact that God disiplines His Children (Hebrews 12:7 I think) so why would a believer want to sin??

[quote:1tpd51bc]Sinning is not a minor thing and yet you would have us believe it is a totally unimportant thing, that we can do with impunity as long as we believe in Jesus. Like James says, the devils believe in Jesus. We have to do more than that.[/quote:1tpd51bc]
How about believing in what Jesus did? (READ JOHN 6:28,29)