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[quote:3tkhy13l][quote:3tkhy13l][b:3tkhy13l]anything like this is pure crap as I hope to prove…. you guys don’t even believe in sola scriptura …… but that is our purpose in being here right? So lets dig into the Scriptures fellas <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />[/b:3tkhy13l][/quote:3tkhy13l]

Sola Scriptura wasn’t even invented until the 1500’s by a rogue priest. How did the Christian Church operate before that time?[/quote:3tkhy13l]

Uuu….uuu..aaa….me me…..pick me. I know. :mrgreen:

For the first 1,500 years or so we (real Christians) were in caves and high mountains in the Rockies. We came here by boat through Alaska and managed to invent a printing press which mass produced bibles in the early 100’s. Once we had Bibles, it was all good and we were ready to argue about a particular verse until we were blue in the face. The down fall is of course that no one knew we were in the Rockies, so it never got documented.


PS – We were running from the fierce and Barbaric Romans and the cult of the Catholic Church. If it wasn’t for us coming here to the US, who would of hung the witches at Salem?

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