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[b:2r5dyslp]To Uncertaindrummer – where did you find this in the Bible?[/b:2r5dyslp]
To come to an understanding of God in the first place, [i:2r5dyslp][u:2r5dyslp]we need to usually lean on the natural moral law that resides within our hearts,[/u:2r5dyslp][/i:2r5dyslp] given to us by God. This is generally one of the best arguments to start a dialogue with a non-believer about the Christian God. [/quote:2r5dyslp]

[b:2r5dyslp] I don’t see that anywhere?

To you and Jon about :[/b:2r5dyslp]

Uncertaindrummer wrote:
*I am not saying the Bible isn’t inspired or that God does not exist, obviously. But most protestants do not have a clue why they believe in the Bible.

My difficulty with that is we all (Prot and Cath alike) accept it as the Word of God, but why? Who said it was? How do we know? Protestantism really can’t answer that truthfully without referring back to the Catholic Church [/quote:2r5dyslp]

[b:2r5dyslp]anything like this is pure crap as I hope to prove…. you guys don’t even believe in sola scriptura …… but that is our purpose in being here right? So lets dig into the Scriptures fellas <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />[/b:2r5dyslp]