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Now hold on. Saved? That is different from redeemed, and that is what Jesus did for [i:3qw6tu5h]everyone[/i:3qw6tu5h]. Being saved comes later. So basically you just admitted that Jesus Redeeming us has nothing to do with purgatory.

Second, I’ll tell you who gave me that idea, Martin Luther (ya know, the guy who started the whole rebellion against God’s Church thing) gave me that idea, telling me I should sin often since it proves my faith. And basically protestants have never really changed that. If there is no purgatory, it means one of three things:

Everyone who has even the slightest sin at the time of death (or even un-satisfied retribution for sin) goes to Hell.


Everyone who sins goes right to Heaven despite these sins, contradicting Revelation and two thousand years of Church teachings.

Care to make either one of those arguments? There is not a middle ground. Either we get cleansed or we go to Hell, according to your system. And if you try and say something silly (the only other option) along the lines of “Oh well, you see, Jesus took all of my sins away” then you are saying what Luther said: Sin does not even matter, whatsoever; we can go on sinning all we want (and actually SHOULD sin since it proves our Faith in God, liek Luther said), as long as we say “Lord, Lord”.*

*Wait… didn’t Jesus say something about that….?