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Peace be with all!

This is what I was talking about. I’m in full agreement! I just have a problem with schools excluding Intelligent Design as an option. Like I said in my previous posts, maybe not well, that I accept that we change, evolve, etc.. I don’t like the way this discounts God. Further calling it a theory is not accurate. A study of position papers on the subject show it to be more of a debate on a possible answer to how we have come to be.

The proof necessary to make it a theory is weak. No missing link has been discovered and many family branches that have disappeared leaded me to question Evolution as the manner in which we have come to be.

I am not anti-evolutionist, I just want truth and accuracy taught. And in my opinion its lacking at this time. Evolution needs more time to be studied before it is considered fact in main stream thinking. I hope this better explains my position.

As far as teachings against the Church, it is not an attack on the Church as much as it is on God and that is evident in what is being taught in schools here in GA and position papers by supporters of Evolution in the intellectual realms.

Here are some articles I have read on this topic:


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