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[quote:ca7iheer]Peace be with you Victor and Jon!

Vic, my brother, no need to apologize! It is hard to offend me with words lol! What I was trying to say and Jon has hit on some of it in his reply also, is that Evolution on a strictly science level I have no problem with and from all that I have read, neither does the Vatican. Now when they try to make a philosophy and/or use it to discount God, as is the norm in schools, please look at the school curriculum on this, I have a real problem.

I can except that over the years I have lost hair on my back because I wear clothing, lol. But to say I was slim that crawled out of muck that had been hit bu a meteor or such bringing the building blocks of life to create me, and then say this was a cosmic mistake and happenstance, I lose it. That is Intelligent Design, if you believe in God, there real cannot be any happenstance.

Vic, again no worries bro! If I was easily hurt, I need to rethink the Deaconate, Apologetics, and my public life in general, lol. I want free, open, loving (1Cor 13 type), discussion. That is how we learn and express our love toward the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

God Bless!


I see what you mean. Completely agree… Anyone know of the areas of science that [b:ca7iheer]do[/b:ca7iheer] go against Church teaching? I couldn’t find a site on it.