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[color=darkred:2oxr2mwo]I’m sorry Fred, I was only sharing my experiences. I didn’t intend to say that all older catholics don’t submit to evolution, but rather that [b:2oxr2mwo]most that I have confronted[/b:2oxr2mwo] do not. It could be due to the way evolution was presented to people in general in the past. Evolution is only a pieace of the pie in the sciences and does not intend to explain the beggining like the big bang. That isn’t part of evolution. Evolution isn’t intending to answer the question of “why we are here”. The PAS[/url:2oxr2mwo] is constantly writing articles and letters to help the Magisterium educate themselves on the matters of science. It think the Church has gone through some growth in this regard. And because of it, has given catholics the freedom to disagree while being One in the Church.

Peace in Christ,