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[color=darkred:3pfhytus]This weekend after Confirmation 1, I was greeted by the directors of education [husband and wife] and pastor of the parish [head priest] after having been listening to me give a lecture to the 180 high school students. This year I happen to have one [they have 11 kids] of their kids in my class and this usually rattles many of the other teachers only because it’s the directors kid. But not me. I have nothing to fear if I’m being honest and true to the Church and myself. After a short discussion and greeting the pastor left and my interesting discussion with the directors began. Apparently they didn’t appreciate that I said “evolution is open for discussion and you do not have to reject it”. Long story short they ended up asking me where I was getting my thinking from. So now I have to provide them with a list. So I figured this would suffice:[/color:3pfhytus]

[color=darkred:3pfhytus]It seems I’m mostly bumping heads with older Catholics on this. Has anyone else experienced this?