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Peace be with all!

This issue is one that is constantly in debate here in GA. My view point is such:

Evolution is a weak theory[/url:1jcdn5pz] at this time. It starts in reverse to provide it’s self. We start with the finished product and work our way backwards. Not common practice in establishing a theory. Lewis Leaky and the rest have yet to find the “missing link”. Now Neandertal is a separate species that died off because Homosapiens ran them into extinction.

Gravity has proofs, Sir Issac Newton provide the existence of gravity and thus is fact no longer theory. Evolution can make no such claim. Intelligent Design[/url:1jcdn5pz] has proofs, the bible, Saint Thomas Aquinas’s proofs of God[/url:1jcdn5pz] As Catholics we believe these to be truths. Remember science is dynamic, ever evolving, and man’s attempt at trying to explain his world.

I think as an option it should be taught in school. If we allow this dilution of free thinking and our Faith as Christan’s, we will become luge warm at best and lead our children on a path away from God. I do not subscribe to politically correctness as is so popular today. This was and is a Christian country, read what OUR Founding Fathers wrote.

I leave you with this on the debate of Intelligent Design and Science:

The Big Bang is what created out universe, according to scientists, this is acceptable even to me. But, what caused the Big Bang?? Know scientist knows, this is fact, but we believe God is the First Mover, something caused the Big Bang but science cannot explain who or what. Food for thought.

God Bless!