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[quote:optn8naz]So…in other words you have to actually do something or else you’re not really saved, right? Sounds like salvation is a process that is dependant upon works to me. Quite different from what you have tried to explain in the past. [/quote:optn8naz]

Did you forget what I said earlier? about the sin issue – nothing I do can cleanse us – Jesus did that already – the difference lies in the fact that as a Catholic, your religious actions prove you don’t believe as in priestly confessions – you walk out after thinking you’re cleansed – then you go out drinking or whatever until the next confession – and this cycle continues – so where are you trusting that you’re cleansed – the Saturday confessional because you’ve been taught that the priest can forgive sins – he cann’t but that is a different subject.

But Ron, how do you reconcile that the Bible, the Bible itself, says that not all sin is deadly and the wages of sin is death? Perhaps there’s a deeper meaning[/quote:optn8naz]

From man’s view some sins “seem” worst then others sins but God is perfect – to Him they all are rejectable until you get born again then you’re forgiven – no problem except for unbelief in the Biblical Jesus