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Lets clear some things up Jon

1 – I gave the wrong address (Human mistake again)

2 – I did not give up

3 – I would gladly stick around if we can discuss these issues

4 – Jon says [quote:1olhfi06]
I guess what I find strange here is that you are quoting a passage about observing the law…hmmm…. Why does the law even matter if you are already saved? [/quote:1olhfi06]

As I’ve said as evidence of one’s salvation, we must stive to obey (otherwise my faith would just be words)

Also, 1 John 5:17 tells us that all wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin that is not deadly. Hmmm…sure sounds like there’s different levels of sins. Sounds just like mortal (deathly) and venial (not as serious) sins! Interesting….[/quote:1olhfi06]

Two verses – Romans 6:23 – The wages of sin is death
note – sin is sigular
Revelation 21:27 – nothing unclean enters Heaven
No sin enters Heaven

[quote:1olhfi06]Ron, you’re so closed-minded you don’t even get it![/quote:1olhfi06]

Why is that bad if I see where you are coming from? I’ve seen all these
arguments before. I’ve tried not to be rude, simply quoting the Bible. Of course when I get huffed and puffed at, then I am not as polite, and I apologize for those times! You Jon have not seemed like to bad of a guy, likeable at times, okay?