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Jon says:

[quote:1ch8hvxg]Ron, you are totally glossing over what I am pointing out to you and repeating the same gibberish over and over again which does not answer my charges. [/quote:1ch8hvxg]
No I’m not. I’ve been there done that!
The quote about Jesus fulfilling the law has nothing do with him saying whether we should follow it or not.

You also don’t sound very open to doing any research into this matter by saying you won’t learn anything new – that’s too bad. A closed mind and a closed heart won’t get us anywhere. [/quote:1ch8hvxg]
I know what you say but its a 1 John 1:6 issue – you DON”T see that Roman Catholicism says one thing but walks to a different beat that denies their claim.
Nothing I am saying is rejecting that Christ dies for our sins. I have never said anything to the contrary. Salvation (meaning going to heaven) is not guaranteed to us upon a one time profession of faith. The Bible says otherwise. [/quote:1ch8hvxg]
no it does say the heart issue – I can quote many verses that says you are wrong, verses like Ephesians 1:13+14 – [color=darkred:1ch8hvxg][i:1ch8hvxg]In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise, Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory. [/i:1ch8hvxg][/color:1ch8hvxg].

[quote:1ch8hvxg]What sin issue am I ignoring?[/quote:1ch8hvxg]
I’m glad you asked – you say you beleive yet you say there is a purgatory, priestly confessions, the rosary, praying to the dead, indulgences, the mass, the “real presence” in the eucharists, ….. all of these deny what you claim to believe.

I also never said works remove sin. Hey, the only reason we can do anything is because of what Christ did for us. I don’t know how I can emphasize that any more. We agree on that, Ron. [/quote:1ch8hvxg]
It isn’t what you say its your practice of unbiblical practices that deny what you say – the whole religious deception of the Catholic Church is what you defend. We can boldly aproach God, then why pray to a dead person? If you believe in what Christ did then why push purgatory? etc etc…….

[quote:1ch8hvxg]What is sin, Ron? Would you agree that sin is a bad action done by us? Do you believe that once someone is saved (in your defintion) that he or she can sin after that point? [/quote:1ch8hvxg]
Yes look at Paul’s story in Roman’s 7:15 to 8:1,
God judges us by our fruit. If we produce bad fruit – hell; if we produce good fruit – eternal life. But I am not saying that the production of good fruit is exclusive from having faith in Christ. Matthew tells us that. Faith and good fruits are necessary to get to heaven. Only the blood of Christ can cleanse our sins but we must respond to God and DO the will of the Father to get to heaven. [/quote:1ch8hvxg]

The Bible says that if we love Him we will turn away from sin, but we still have our cur cursed flesh to deal with, so the key is to not practice sinning so we stugglle daily in this battled
Jesus Christ came to redeem mankind – he opened the doorway to get to heaven. It’s our job to put our faith in Christ and to do the will of the Father – that’s a two-fold salvation. The Bible clearly states all this.

Therefore stop the meaningless rituals, prayers to the dead, and the rest of the twists found in Catholicism