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You said, “[i:fzeomxhx]Pay close attention to the difference of your own understanding and the catholic understanding of what was accomplished”[/i:fzeomxhx]

Then Mr Hahn says, “
I had firm convictions about the finished work of Jesus Christ; that He accomplished our redemption on the cross. Those convictions I still hold fast to. Every Christian, every Catholic must. The work of our redemption is accomplished. [b:fzeomxhx]It is finished[/b:fzeomxhx].

But the application of that redemptive work of Christ by the Holy Spirit is another matter, one that I did not really come to grips with [u:fzeomxhx][i:fzeomxhx]because it involves suffering which nobody wants to come to grips with – either suffering in this life or suffering afterwards to expiate or to repay or to provide restitution for the effects of sin. [/i:fzeomxhx][/u:fzeomxhx]

[color=darkred:fzeomxhx][b:fzeomxhx]That’s the catch – if Jesus finished it, sure we’ll still have to deal with the reaping whatever cosequenses our sin causes here on Earth, but to say we have to repay or to provide restitution spiritually denys that Jesus cleansed us – don’t you see this? You can’t mix the two realms up! [/b:fzeomxhx][/color:fzeomxhx]Ron