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Peace be with you Jon,

[quote:3aqwve71]The only positive thing about it is that they poke fun at pretty much everyone, but it’s so crude. [/quote:3aqwve71]

But still should this be acceptable as a standard for anyone’s conduct. I know that there have been several times they’ve lampooned Christ too. It’s like violence, the more you are exposed to it, the less sensitive you are to the offense. That is what we are handing down to our children. I pity those individuals that create this “entertainment”.

[quote:3aqwve71]This is probably what they want anyway: attention.[/quote:3aqwve71]

Yes! Negative attention can make them think twice before airing such things. It has been a powerful tool in the past. We must not be passive when it comes to issues such as these, for if we do we to become willing participants in the decay of our society and our faith.

God Bless!