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Peace be with you Ron,

[quote:2vs3uatw]Hey Fred, get a grip on yourself if you can. So I mis-spelt a few words, and didn’t take the time to check if it was Pharasees or Saducees, which doesn’t matter anyway. You also mis-spelled a word or two so lets get past your so-called rightous anger, tsk tsk.[/quote:2vs3uatw]

Again you have forgotten the start of all of this, as you were the one that started the insults and arguing. I have for many posts been charitable and polite, until you insulted me and others.

I doubt I misspelled near the amount of words as you have. I suggest you use the spell check feature. You cannot accuse some one of a lack of knowledge or being uneducated, if your example is no better. The number one form of communication on this forum is the written word. And to avoid misunderstanding and the misuse of your presentation accuracy is paramount, if you wish to be taken with any degree of seriousness.

[quote:2vs3uatw]and didn’t take the time to check if it was Pharasees or Saducees, which doesn’t matter anyway.[/quote:2vs3uatw]

You prove my point. It does matter, why do you not see that? You must be accurate in that which you profess, you mislead if you do not. If you are so spiritually enlightened, then accuracy is important. Never once did Jesus or God ever state “it is something like that?” “Oh sorry, I forgot check that which I was teaching you, was accurate.” Please! You are a mislead individual who is luke-warm at best and has and will lead many others astray.

[quote:2vs3uatw]The KJV Bible is non-canonical ? That is what you tell others so you can look educated but I don’t buy that point so keep trying. And as far as your “impressive” education, good for you, but that still leaves you on the wrong path.[/quote:2vs3uatw]

Again your lack of knowledge hurts your argument. You cannot profess truth from that which is not authoritative. Do you even know why there is a King James version of the Bible? What lead to it’s creation[/url:2vs3uatw]? If you did you may better understand why it is not canonical. Furthermore your insult on my education does not work. You cannot claim to be more educated then another, and when presented with fact and evidence to support fact change your horse in mid-stride? This is you problem with all your statements. Of course I am wrong in your eyes.

[quote:2vs3uatw]You mentioned that “Your arguments have not supported one of your beliefs nor have you provided substance to your arguments. Is there somthing specific? No where have you given me anything of substance to grasp dispite your claim that I’ve been given “a good and sound arguments.”[/quote:2vs3uatw]

You have yet to address one point I made in previous posts. Instead, as you will again, you go straight back to your “pat” answer “be specific”, when I have in earlier posts. Please learn to use the back button on your browser so as not to waist others time.

I truly suggest you try another forum. If you choose to stay here on this forum you may find that you are no more successful with us then we have been with you. As Christ said:

14 Whoever will not receive you or listen to your words go outside that house or town and shake the dust from your feet. Matt. 10:14 NAB

God Bless