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[quote:3gg6zm2g]As far as John having Mary move in – No problem – Jesus’ brothers were not saved yet [/quote:3gg6zm2g]

[color=darkred:3gg6zm2g]What does that have to do with the issue at hand?[/color:3gg6zm2g]

[quote:3gg6zm2g]Your church uses “presumes” and “assumes” to fool the ignorant, whereas those that are in the Word,[/quote:3gg6zm2g]

[color=darkred:3gg6zm2g]Ron, I’m trying to be patient with you. But your insults and fairytales about my Church will get you no where. I can provide you with with a truck load of historical evidence about Mary and like many Protestants you will only ignore it because it’s not in Scripture. Ifear my efforts will be in vain. Your position about “adelphos” has fallen in it’s face with what I just provided. Do you have anything else to add?[/color:3gg6zm2g]

[quote:3gg6zm2g]I know the Word so much better that we have peace. Mary is blessed, Scripture tells us this. No where does it say that she would be a meditor for us to Jesus and She said “DO as Jesus tells us” (John) but that was it, never mentioning that she would become an intercessor for us. Is God hard of hearing or what? No, so why assume that when Isaiah 8:19 tells us not to contact the dead on behalf of the living?[/quote:3gg6zm2g]

[color=darkred:3gg6zm2g]Ron, are you asking us a question or just want to tell us how wrong we are? Because if you are asking a question please do it like so:
Where do you guys get the belief of Mary being a mediator?
Not like this:
[b:3gg6zm2g][i:3gg6zm2g]”No where does it say that she… ” [/i:3gg6zm2g][/b:3gg6zm2g]
I pray you see the difference in the aproach.[/color:3gg6zm2g]