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what’s offensive about it is the fact that you truly think that non-catholic christians think they’re going to heaven as soon as they accept Christ. and as i’ve tried to explain, it’s not true. i don’t claim to know everything, no one does…but i was born into the united church, and i can kind of see what you’re talking about in that church…people show up to church on sundays, but other than that, ya, they really don’t show that theyvre religious, in other words, you can’t see Jesus in them by the way they live their daily lives. and my mom knew something was missing and left the church, and we’ve gone to a pentecostal church since then, and believe me, no one in that chuch believes that when you accept Jesus as a small child you’re a lock to get into heaven. you can tell by the way they live, and by the emotion that is displayed in church, that you’re never done serving the Lord. i’ve also attended a catholic church, where my girlfriend and her family belong, as i’ve posted before, but to me it seems like ppl just go through the motions…same routine every sunday, and i wonder how sincere everyone is. i’ve seen ppl on their knees crying in my home church, speaking in tongues, while at the particular catholic church i’ve been to, it’s like everyone’s just waiting out the hour, seriving their specified time in God’s presence, and as soon as it’s over, not even having fellowship with the congregation, but just getting out of there as quick as possible so they can get back to living how they do the other 6.5 days of the week. i just feel like evangelical christians live the exact opposite of the way that you described…i wish i had everything figured out, but i don’t…i just want the Lord in my life, and i’m sure he respects us all for having our faith, despite our differing opinions and interpretations…as long as we serve him, our whole lives, not just on sunday mornings…but A LIFE-LONG JOURNEY <img decoding=” title=”Very Happy” />