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Take a deep breath, relax. I never characterized each and every Protestant to be this way. I never have and I never will. That’s what Catholic Answers[/url:2kb8815r] does and I have tried to be different. I was making a simple reply to what this person asked/stated. They wanted clarification about a specific point of doctrine (baptism) and I shared the Catholic teaching and what I know about Fundamentalist Christian belief. That’s all I can do is share what I know.

Yes, I am the administrator of this forum, but this is a [b:2kb8815r]Catholic[/b:2kb8815r] forum and I am a [b:2kb8815r]Catholic[/b:2kb8815r]. Do you honestly expect me to say that whatever path one chooses in life is ok? My job is to allow discussion to happen, but when someone wants to know something from a Catholic point of view I most certainly share it.

I’m also a member of this forum and I have things I want to contribute and share just as much as anyone else here. Yes, I have my opinions just like you have yours. Am I any less entitled to share my opinion than you are? If you disagree with it then say why. Dialogue, don’t just blast me in another topic. My role is to let people dialogue but also to promote the truth of the Catholic faith.

I am not tunnel-visioned, but my faith teaches me to live it and proclaim it.

Sometimes I rant and rave and make blanket misjudgements. I’m sorry, I’m human. It wasn’t fair of me to chracterize every Protestant as hating Catholicism. But don’t blast me. Instead do what Jesus taught us to do and that is to kindly rebuke people.