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ok i’ve tried to be nice.
i read everything about how you guys feel so violated by non-catholics. how you’re bombarded by criticism and all this. “the only thing that all protestants have in common is that they all hate catholics…” whatever. yes jon…we believe that if we accept Jesus when we’re little we’re automatically going to heaven and it has nothing to do with what we do after that. gimme a break. (by the way, it is catholic where you’re baptised when you’re too young to make decisions for yourself and then “confirmed” when you’re like 5, right? ya i thought so) ya it’s only catholics who believe it’s a life-long journey. wow. i grew up in a protestant church and NOT ONE individual ever back slid while i was there and you can tell just by how they live their daily lives that they’re at peace with God and that they clearly believe it’s a life-long journey. meanwhile the strongest Catholics i know…i wouldn’t know they were even religious except when they’re in church. now obviously every catholic and every protestant aren’t the same as each other, but i totally don’t agree with what you said. i thought the fact that you were administrator meant you were an open person, and an expert, and i’ve asked you questions specifically. but you’re just very opinionated and tunnel-visioned.