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You know, brothers and sisters in Christ, this is the reason that I post here so much. I also have an account at some other Catholic websites, because of my belief that there is a great potential for healing and understanding going on. I joke about being a “PresboCatholotarian,” but it is much more than a joke. I too have seen the rabid attack Protestants on the other sites, and I find it embarrassing.

BUT! There’s a guy that contacted me through CHN, fer instance, and I am hopeful that we can get a Presbyterain-Catholic friendship going, just like I’ve found here.

I think we all agree that these are rough times, and worrying about praying “to” saints and the justification/sanctification split or lack of same is best accomplished as conversation between those that disagree but choose to do something radical — love each other.

I don’t see where we’re left much choice, scripturally. Like the RCC did in recent history (asking forgiveness of the Jews) I think it is high time that we turn to each other with a respect and mutual cherishing, and, yes, forgiveness, attitudes that just haven’t been there as much as they should have been in the past. We protestants are too guilty of chasing you Papists around with tracts and the KJV for my taste, frankly. Time to quit.

Time to get over it and stop arguing. Let the world of the nonbelievers see us forging deep bonds that don’t ignore our differences but has a celebratory charity, and who knows what could happen?

I don’t believe that we need to fret over differences as much as we need to emphasize our connection through the same Saviour. That’s why I come here, guys, and I appreciate the gentleness and patience you’ve shown when I give voice to our differing perspectives. I don’t come here to be converted, nor to convert — we’re already converted. I come here to share our wonderful Saviour, gain some understanding, contribute and enjoy. I hope to continue, and trust that you do as well, and, although I got a bit off-topic, this was a good excuse to point out that you guys are just fun to hang around with. It brings out the best in me. I think it just may be true of others, too.

Okay, well, brings out the best, except for the time I laid into the person that said we were being judgemental with the LDS folks. I’m a south Richmond redneck, after all, and I can be expected to get a bit rowdy every so often! :mrgreen: