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Maybe it is the inherent distrust in grace bestowed through instruments other than God (say via priests, or sacrements) but we have a slightly different theology. We see this as a reflection of God’s grace, not a conduit for it. I think that’s splitting hairs, personally, but there you go.

I don’t know how we would go about quantifying something like Grace. So far, I’ve seen posts to the effect that God gives differing amounts of grace to different folks, and that seems an almost Calvinistic statement! Perhaps I’m just being spiritually hard of hearing ( :mrgreen: ) but I think of Grace as something that we keep at arm’s length through sinfulness, hardened hearts. As soon as we ‘crack,’ don’t you think God is ready to pour out Grace upon us without reservation? Salvation — whether all at once, as Evangelical/Reformed thinking sees it, or throughout the believer’s life, which I understand to be the RCC position (please correct if wrong) is sufficient for our needs.