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I would be glad to answer ctdmsl… <img decoding=” title=”Smile” /> . As I was once a protestant I know the feeling of discovering that the Bible was not assembled until much later (397 AD at Carthage). This was only the beggining of what begun to bother me.

[quote:2i6chm6z]”I am the way, the truth, and the life…no one gets to the Father but by me.” …What’s the Catholic view of that verse…? [/quote:2i6chm6z]

We agree 100% with that statement. We cannot get to God the Father thru:
1. The Pope
2. Mary
3. Saints
As to the roles of the Pope, Mary, and Saints we can discuss that later in time and hopefully clarify any misunderstandings.

It is correct that we do not believe in the Bible Alone. We do believe:
1. [b:2i6chm6z]The Bible is Authoritative[/b:2i6chm6z]
2. [b:2i6chm6z]We Need to Study the Scriptures[/b:2i6chm6z]
3. [b:2i6chm6z]The Bible is the Word of God[/b:2i6chm6z]
But we deffinately do not believe in the Bible [b:2i6chm6z]Alone[/b:2i6chm6z]. The Bible needs to be interpreted by someone and that alone is enough to disprove that it’s alone. Not to mention that the Bible itself doesn’t teach [b:2i6chm6z]the Bible Alone[/b:2i6chm6z] doctrine. The early believers went to Church leaders to settle things, they did not open their bibles and start to argue.

Hope this helps.

The Least