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The story with myself goes like this. I was looking for a church as I a christain without out a designated house of God. My search was conducted as such; I would listen to representatives of each church and hear their explanation of how and why their beliefs are proper and other denominations arent. Also, I’ve done countless hours searching valid sites such as this and learning about other denominations and thier belief structure. Ive found out alot about each denomination and I was never satisfied with one persons story, I always search for 2nd third and even fiftieth opinions. And I have yet to find a church that does not outlandishly interpret the bible towards their beliefs, or completely ignore its teachings. so for this reason, I have yet and probably never will be a member of a denomination. I have prayer groups and several followers of christ come together, and in doing so, Jesus is with us, and in turn, we have created a house of God. If something is unclear to us, we seek answers from God, not men. No man is infallible. One was.