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When Jesus is on the cross, the man being crucified next to him is told by jesus that they will both be in paradise together soon. I believe that purgatory is a way for people to be less jealous of those who recieve forgivness on their death beds because the jealous lived their life ‘better’ for longer. Readind some of the posts from people that believe in purgatory, it seems as thought their foundation is vague. Reasons such as, “it doesnt say there isnt purgatory”, or “what if your not that bad of a sinner, what then?”. With God, their is greater commandments, but when it comes to heaven, their isnt ‘more clean’ and ‘less clean’. God drew the line, he made it very easy for us to cleanse ourselves. Do his will, follow jesus and we will be made perfect. THEIR ARE NO SHADES OF GREY IN GODS LAW. For every little thing that is debatable, their is another huge passage that is crystal clear.