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Peace be with you Victor and all present,

[quote:1anhuz52] Hey Fred!!! Missed you. It’s cool man, I rarely go all out on my first post.. <img decoding=” title=”Wink” /> [/quote:1anhuz52]

You know me <img decoding=” title=”Wink” /> I can hold my breath for a good long time lol! I missed you guys too!

[quote:1anhuz52]Besides, I do not think [b:1anhuz52]dobberda[/b:1anhuz52] was asking for that much. [/quote:1anhuz52]

I myself find it hard to reply to this topic in few words. I probably need to work on that lol!

[quote:1anhuz52]Where were you when we needed you during the Papal debates with the Orthodox? :shock: Great post!!
Perhaps next time.[/quote:1anhuz52]

Family, work, and school take most all my spare time. But I will try to be more active. I enjoyed this!