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[quote:3u8zhkr7]Don’t we all do it though?[/quote:3u8zhkr7]

Of course we do. There are a lot of thing we are not supposed to do and we all do them anyway. Believe me I´m not judging you here, I´m just saying what I believe the teachings of the Catholic Church are on this one.

I think this is one of the toughest, but Jesus did ask us not to judge others. Keep in mind He also asked us to be perfect as God is. Now, are we? obviously not.

You make the good point that sometimes we actually can be correct on judging others, we aren´t supposed to do it though.

Let me use hitler as an example here. Based on Catholic teachings there is a very slight possibility that he is in Heaven. Does anyone actually believe that though? I certainly don´t.
If we had met hitler and we had say to him “hey, I think what you¬¥re doing is wrong, if you continue on this path you will go to hell” would we had been wrong? No
Would we had disobeyed what Jesus asked us to do? Yes

Am I taking the “Do not judge others” too literally? Maybe, I don¬¥t know
What do you think?