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Safe bro, I been tryin to get an honest opinion on this subject all day, but all I been gettin is judgements on how shallow I am, over at the ever so friendly i got this one dude ‘MARV’ callin me a blind fool. I know I’m not the first person to think of this subject, but it’s amazing how righteous people get all of a sudden when you start askin them real questions. JUST KEEP IT REAL MAN! Everyone knows what a beautiful girl looks like! It just so happens i’ve only ever met one ‘buff’ girl that openly talks about God! Is the concept that the devil has control over most beautiful women that offensive? i dunno maybe i’m wrong. But there’s no way this experience is gonna make me think twice about askin whats on my mind. no way.

I’m glad you got a beautiful christian wife by the way Vic, dats bless 4 u bro. I hope God blessess me the same way.

Peace ‘n’ Love