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[quote:lqaxdxnk]So judging actions is ok?

I´m not sure if is ok to judge actions or not. But I do think it would be wrong to judge a person based on the actions he/she commits, because we cannot know the circumstances that leads a person to commit his/her actions.

Let´s say there is a problem in a family, the father lost his job for example. This leads to a very stressful situation in the house. Then the 5 year-old son starts misbehaving at school, let´s say hitting his little classmates.

We could say and know hitting someone else is wrong (judging an action)
But we can´t say the person who is doing the hitting is a bad person(of course in many cases there would be a strong temptation to do it) because only God knows all the circumstances and how each person reacts to them.

God´s Blessings