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Yeah bro it’s gotta have a justice system. Maybe I didn’t make it clear that Zion’s law’s are to be based on the laws of God. Everyone that chooses to come to Zion will be aware of this. i get the impression that u think any and everyone will come but i assume only christians, and people wanting to learn about christianity and wanting to reform their lives will want to come to Zion. Thinking about this i guess an authoritative presence is neccecary. At first anyway. We would have to see if the inhabitants can cope with following the laws of the Bible (something all christians should be striving towards anyway) without an authority MAKING them do it, which would defeat the purpose of them CHOOSING to come to the island in order that they might better themselves. I’m not nieve to the fact that it is inevitable that badness will occur here, but i stress that everyone here is here for GOD, therefore they won’t want to commit badness, If they do God will will deal with them. But talking directly (in order to keep things in control), we can either institute police or exile, both of which I hope will not be neccecary. By the way there won’t be any goods to covet apart from a Bible. <img loading=” title=”Smile” /> That makes me think… maybe everyone should wear the same clothes aswell. Peace