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what can a child possibly do that is so bad that he deserves physical action taken against him? Surely any child is capable of reasoning and understanding simply by explaining what he has done wrong. Should this child come to the conclusion in any situation that someone should be physically hit because of their actions? No. The child should come to the conclusion that wrong doing even VIOLENT wrong doing will be answered by God. I was hit and occasionaly beaten as a child, and it instilled fear of man within me. It took a strong mind, a long time, and the help of God to realise that I should FEAR NO MAN on this earth. But what of those who do not work this out, but according to how they were treated, carry out physical punishment upon those who they believe have done wrong? i will also mention that i bullied people possibly due to my beatings, and I did not see a problem with hitting my piers (looking back, almost as a sign of effection). Ration, don’t Hit. Peace