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Yo, I know how Zion might seem to be a version of heaven on earth, but this is not my intention. My intention is to provide a place whereby people, out of choice, can come to live their lives according to how the Bible teaches, without pressures and temptations from the outside world controlled by the devil. I know God made us with the ability to reflect the temptations of the world but it would be nice if there was a place you can retreat to where you know these temptations simply don’t exist. One could come there for a short while to reform themselves and then return to the world. I intend to send people out from Zion to preach and bring christians who want to come to Zion back with them. This vision sporns from my belief that the Devil’s control in this world is increasing. I believe the rapture is approaching and that the world is getting to the point where preaching is having less and less effect on people because they are not (a large majority CANNOT) accepting Christ (due to the increasing strength of the devil), and therefore need a retreat before we are suppressed and persucuted to the point whereby we cannot even preach anymore. A Christian STRONGHOLD if you will. I do not expect everychristian in the world to come and live here permenantly because I don’t want to take every Christian out of the world. Remember people will go there out of CHOICE. And my primary objective is to provide a haven for PERSECUTED christians otherwise facing exile, torture and death. The idea is in early stages of thought, but taking what you have said into consideration I will now make NOT ISOLATING the inhabitants a priority. 1st thoughts are, hopefully our way of life will become known around the planet demonstrating our seriousness about living for God, therefore catching on and infact spreading christianity further. I know you guys can help me with my ideas for this place even if it’s solely through criticism. Please tell me all your thoughts. Peace