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We’re facing a similar situation in Minnesota with Northwest Airlines. Northwest is based in Minnesota and many of its mechanics are based here, live here, etc. but due to the airline industry woes and Northwest facing possible bankruptcy they want to cut many of their mechanics and outsource maintenance.

Current Northwest mechanics are upset (understandably) and contend that they can do a much better job than some outsourced outfit.

I feel American companies owe it to American workers to provide jobs. Heck, if no one in this country had a job because everything is being done overseas who is going to have any money to buy the products?

Also, can’t forget to mention that many companies who move jobs overseas don’t pay even half of what American workers are paid. I wish those foreign workers would demand more so that companies don’t have the option to save money by moving labor out of the U.S.

And many companies have figured out how to save several million $ in taxes by doing overseas work. I think the government needs to close those loopholes.