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One other point; James you ask where I got my info on the councils–I got the info from YOU, in another thread.[/quote:12yds4g0]


Are you being wilfully ignorant or do you have problems with comprehending plain English? I have [u:12yds4g0][b:12yds4g0][i:12yds4g0]never[/i:12yds4g0][/b:12yds4g0][/u:12yds4g0] said that we have had no councils since the Schism. In fact, I’m one of those that holds that there are 9 Ecumenical Councils as I quite clearly stated to Scott in the thread on this very issue. As the 9th was post-Schism (the 8th was pre-Schism and initially accepted by Rome though rejected again later), you couldn’t even claim that I’ve said that we’ve had no Ecumenical Councils since then.

Just to prove that you did not specify Ecumenical Councils at all, though, here is the relevant part of your post again:

[quote:12yds4g0]There is a problem here–by your own admission, the Orthodox Church hasn’t had ANY councils in at least seven hundred years–mayeb more– so of course nothing could change. [/quote:12yds4g0]

Now, I clearly stated in that same thread that there have been many Pan-Orthodox Councils whose canons have been accepted by the whole Church and local Councils whose canons were likewise universally accepted. I even gave the example of the Council of Iasi (or Jassy) for the latter. So was the ignorance wilful or oblivious on your part? I’d suggest that you try learning to read and comprehend what is written so that you can argue against what was actually said rather than taking pot shots at straw men.