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[quote:q8jp55p9]s that so? Show me where the other Apostles recieve the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.[/quote:q8jp55p9]

Show me the logic of insisting that “keys” (which are used for locking and unlocking) are something different from “binding and loosing”.

[quote:q8jp55p9]Unfortunately for those who don’t hold to Peter’s primacy,[/quote:q8jp55p9]

Correction – Orthodox Christians recognize [b:q8jp55p9]St.Peter’s[/b:q8jp55p9] primacy, but that primacy is understood in a different sense. We understand it in the way the Holy Scriptures do – he is [i:q8jp55p9]”the first”[/i:q8jp55p9]. Thus, his primacy is in order and is manifested in a moral and typological way, not in a judicial/territorial manner (which makes absolutely no sense anyway, since none of the Apostles had anything less than a world-wide mission, so in that sense had “universal juristiction” to borrow a phrase from Catholicism.)

[quote:q8jp55p9]Peter is the ONLY Apostle given the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.[/quote:q8jp55p9]

And what would those keys be used for? Oh I know, remitting and retaining sins. Gee, sounds like a way of emphasizing the power of binding and loosing to me – unless you don’t perceive where Heaven would be involved in a pastor of souls “loosing and retaining.”