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[quote:31e6l6mv]We’re invited to give apologetics for our beliefs as Orthodox…but the second we do, the second we say too much and point to much at the very real and accessible common history, we are told that we are attacking?[/quote:31e6l6mv]

Ted, please re-read what I said. I never said any of you were attacking. If you want to read that into it then I apologize for phrasing as such. Although I said “all Orthodox members” that statement was meant for anyone that may be inflammatory. Catholic or Orthodox alike.

[quote:31e6l6mv]The sad thing with this statement is that we really shouldn’t have been invited to discuss at all, because though the act was one of friendship and goodwill (and I personally appreciate it), the friends who invited just are not going to get us to believe what is clearly innovative.[/quote:31e6l6mv]

I’m disappointed to hear this from you Ted. Most of the talking has been by you guys and I clearly stated that I was doing some reading and was learning. Augustine came in kind of strong from the get go. If you want to declare a victory because you guys have longer post then the victory is yours. I’m here to learn and hopefully seek to change the tone of dialogue that has been going on from both our churches. But I’m seriously starting to question whether you guys share my hope. Ted, in the past year I have been extremely surprised to see that Orthodox share this strong enmity toward the RCC with Protestants. You were one of the few that welcomed me to chat, while getting kicked out several other chat rooms. I wasn’t even being inflammatory and mean. Just wanted to learn. If I may be even more honest, what’s up with you guys and tempers? Forgive me for stereotyping, but this has been my experience.

[quote:31e6l6mv]Our words, regardless of how good-willed or attacking, will always be seen as the latter by those who just don’t want to hear them.[/quote:31e6l6mv]

You haven’t been heard? Wow, you of all people have been heard loud and clear. <img decoding=” title=”Neutral” />

I’m sorry you feel this way Ted, but I’m still here to learn and to be heard. Do what you want but perhaps you imagined things would get resolved much quicker, who knows.


PS-Did my happy face not give it away that I was not intending it as strong as you took it?