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Here are some Eastern Fathers that clearly show that the Son has some role in the eternal state of the Spirit. He is not the principle, but He has some role.

[quote:xxqq0tvc][b:xxqq0tvc]St. Athanasius[/b:xxqq0tvc] (d. 373), in at least three places, refers to the “dependence in origination of the Spirit in the Son.” He uses the expression para tou Logou in:

–Contra Arian. III, 24 (PG 26, 376A) –Ad Ser. I, 20 (PG 26, 580A) –Id., III, 5 (PG 26, 632C).

[b:xxqq0tvc]St. Epiphanius[/b:xxqq0tvc] (367-403) refers to the Spirit as proceeding from the Father and receiving from the Son:

–Ancoratus, 6 (PG 43, 25C) –Id., 7 (PG 43, 28A) –Id., 11 (PG 43, 36C) –Id., 67 (PG 43, 137B) –Id., 73 (PG 43, 153A) –Id., 120 (PG 43, 236 B) –Panarion, Haer. LXII (PG 41, 1056)

He also said that the Spirit is (“has his consubstantial being”) from the Father and the Son:

–Ancoratus, 8 (PG 43, 29C) –Id., 9 (PG 43, 32C) –Id., 67 (PG 43, 137B) –Id., 70 (PG 43, 148A) –Id., 71 (PG 43, 148B) –Id., 72 (PG 43, 152B) –Id., 75 (PG 43, 157A) –Panarion, Haer. LXIX, 54 (PG 42, 285D).

[b:xxqq0tvc]St. Cyril of Alexandria[/b:xxqq0tvc] (d. 444) used a great variety of formulae to express the relationship between the Spirit and the Son:

The Spirit is proper to the Son

–Comm. in Ioel XXXV (PG 71, 377D) –De recta fide ad Theod. XXXVII (PG 76, 1189A) –De SS. Trin. Dial. VII (PG 75, 1093A) –Comm. in Ioan. II (PG 71, 212B)[/quote:xxqq0tvc]

It is to be noted that these are pre-Nicene and that you begin to see a development begin to unfold. Would you care to see some Western Fathers as well?