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hey jon, i’m of protestant faith, and to say all protestants hate catholics is WAY out of line. my girlfriend is catholic and i love her more than any person on this earth. and as far as i know, evangelical beliefs are based largely on the fact that Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life, NO ONE gets to the Father but by Me…so obvioulsy, we’re not automatcially going to heaven as you say we think we are. we have to live a Godly life, and believe that Jesus is Lord and ruler of our lives. and while we’re on the topic, how do catholics believe you get to heaven? i’m not saying this is true of all catholics, but some particular ones i’ve been around regularly take God’s name in vain, drink alcohol…is this ok? or is showing up to mass now and then and crossing yourself at grace and not eating meat on fridays going to make everything ok?