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[quote:3jbtdt95]Not only has the innovation of purgatory been condemned several times in the east, but there simply is no room in my theology for a God who will forgive us, but only after he’s tortured us for a bit first. [/quote:3jbtdt95]
What the heck are you talking about? “tortured us”?????? :shock: I don’t think you have any idea about what RC believe about purgatory.
[quote:3jbtdt95]Nor is there room for the pseudo-god ‘Necessity’ that seems to bind the hands of the God of Scholasticism. [/quote:3jbtdt95]
James…. it’s stuff like this that drives people crazy…. you make a judgement about the RCC that is about 200 years behind current teaching…. but if I call you on it, you just say “ooops, I was a Lutheran, sorry”……