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[quote:2vd6o0xr]Victor, I want to answer you, but I really don’t have a clue what you mean at all. Could you explain further? All I can say is that to me missing the mark (sin) is failing to meet the standards God asks of us. Even better, it can be seen as stumbling off the narrow path. Whilst we’re off in the darkness to one side or other of the path we can’t even see it with solely human eyes, but if through God’s grace we are shown the path again we can take ourselves back to it and carry on in our journey. There is no crime there, as such, merely error. Does that help at all?[/quote:2vd6o0xr]

I think I’m beggining to grasp what you are saying. How does one stumble off the narrow path James? By committing several sins? Or just one big one? Or it doesn’t matter the gravity of the sin, one is enough?
Keep in mind these are not terminologies I’m used to using. Just using this type of language so we can understand each other.

[quote:2vd6o0xr]It seems to me that perhaps the reason we Orthodox and you RCs have so much trouble understanding one another is that you see the Church (metaphorically) as a courtroom with God as both prosecutor and judge. We see the Church as a hospital with God as the head physician. You, therefore see sin as crime whereas we see it as sickness – it reminds me of Samuel Butler’s Erewhon every time I talk to RCs about sin, actually. [/quote:2vd6o0xr]

James, we do not see the Church as a courtroom setting. We see it as a family setting. With God as our Father and Judge. Flowing out of Him both Love and Justice. I don’t really think we disagree here.

I will await your response.