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Well said Scott.

In recent dialgues with [i:2nkzcgbh]bible christians[/i:2nkzcgbh] I have raised an argument that they also seem to struggle with. Nothing new to you guys but it can be effective with those who wish to listen.

My argument is simply based on the observation that those who rely on Scripture alone for their doctrines don’t have the same doctrines. And I ask myself, why not? If Scripture were clear (i.e., “easily understood”), then I would expect these people to easily understand it. The fact that they all seem to think Scripture is teaching something different suggests to me that Scripture must not be all that clear, that is, assuming these people are interpreting it in good faith and sincerely trying to follow its teachings.
This is even a bigger blow to [i:2nkzcgbh]church of Christ[/i:2nkzcgbh] members because they don’t believe the Holy Spirit guides the Church anymore. That it died with the death of the last apostle. They argue that they agree on the “essentials” but if you were to get a list of the “essentials” from one one of the local COC churches and then drive a little further to another, you will find an apparent mismatch in lists. Could you possibly find this in a Catholic Church? Perhaps, but there lies a big difference. WE HAVE A FIX FOR IT!!!


PS-Scott, does he seem to think me that and Stephen (uncertaindrummer) aren’t competent enough?