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[quote:1fajil78]For non-Catholic Christians what is the criteria for picking a church? I’ve often heard it said that you pick a church in line with your beliefs. Is this true? I would like some insight to the non-Catholic world. <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />[/quote:1fajil78]

Do you mean a church as in a parish or as in a ‘denomination’? If you mean the latter, as I’m Orthodox I have nothing to say on the subject really. If the former, well if you’re Orthodox in the west you often don’t have much of a choice so you just go to the nearest one.

If you are lucky enough to have a choice you might choose one based on jurisdiction (given the choice – which I luckily now have – I go to a Romanian parish and avoid Greek ones), language of the liturgy (Romanian or English in my case), or you migt just like a particular priest. There’s probably hundreds of reasons for choosing a particular parish.