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[quote:3coe70lp][b:3coe70lp]To all non-Catholic Christians:[/b:3coe70lp]

[b:3coe70lp][color=olive:3coe70lp]what does your church teach about salvation?[/color:3coe70lp][/b:3coe70lp]

I’m just curious to find out the different variations between denominations. Thanks! <img decoding=” title=”Smile” />[/quote:3coe70lp]

Well, Orthodox soteriology is a little different to the RCC’s teaching, but nothing like that of the Protestants. Our doctrine of salvation is called [i:3coe70lp]theosis[/i:3coe70lp] and it is a synergy of God and man working together to make man like God by grace.

We do not believe in [i:3coe70lp]once saved always saved[/i:3coe70lp], but nor would we ever talk of someone losing salvation. As we would never say that someone who is still alive is already saved, how could we say that they had lost what they had never attained? A process of ever-greater perfection can never be finished – certainly not in this life.