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[quote:1hvm8bjd][quote:1hvm8bjd]To suggest that there is such a thing as more than one Church, is to deny the Creed.[/quote:1hvm8bjd]
Ecumenism is not saying that there is more than one church. In fact the Catholic Church believes that there is only one church, but that our Protestant brothers and sisters are not wholly connected to it. It’s kind of odd, but there was some previous discussion here: http://www.aboutcatholics.com/community … =2337#2337

[quote:1hvm8bjd]Ecumenism, a theology of RELATIVISM, asks Orthodoxy to set aside Her absolute Truths.[/quote:1hvm8bjd]
In what way? My understanding of ecumenism is to promote dialogue and forge relationships with other religions to eventually lead them to the truth, not compromise the truth.[/quote:1hvm8bjd]

Let me attempt to explain. What you seem to be missing here is a distinction between what Orthodox refer to as ecumenism and an ecumenical dialogue. The former is opposed by many Orthodox (myself included) as a pan-heresy which claims that there is no One True Church and that accepts the branch theory. This is basically Protestant ecclesiology as embraced by the WCC.

Ecumenical dialogue, such as attempts at reunification with the RCC are quite different and legitimate. It is one thing for us to discuss with a group how they can rejoin the Church (from our point of view the RCC is at best schismatic) and another to accept that all believers are already part of the Church and work for some lowest common denominator political union.

Does that make more sense? (And please, I hope you’re not offended by my use of the word schismatic – I’m trying to be honest and straightforward, not inflammatory).