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[quote:pehhvij2]In the middle? No I don’t see it. Please clarify.[/quote:pehhvij2]
Again, sorry…. I needed to sort a few things out with a particular lesson plan, and your replies (and others here) helped me out greatly.
[quote:pehhvij2] How can dissenting from the Church form your conscious? [/quote:pehhvij2]
It can’t.

…. confused? HA….. again, sorry….. I needed help and you and Uncertaindrummer really helped clear up the direction I wan’t the class to take.

I have found so few people on the net who actually know the Catholic faith, you and other members here have been a real gift from God.

Thanks again…. I’ll need you folks in another week or so…. I pray you’ll continue to help me work things out for my class!