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Thankyou most kindly for the replies. Im sorry I haven’t been here for a while as I have a very busy job and have exams for my degree coming up.

The dilema is this:

I work in the public sector. I have a lady who has many problems, she has had her children taken away by social services, she has a drug and alcohol problem. She is a lady who I feel complete empathy with as she has had everything and lost it. One of the offices in which I work is like a mini community center which wasn’t being utilised to its potential. I approved the local pentecostal church to use this place one day a week as they have drug councellors and marriage guidance service. This lady was getting on really well, but then she took a dip. I telephoned her after a plea from the minister that she hadnt been attending. She told me that the church had said she was going to be evicted, and the only reason she hasn’t is because they pleaded with me not to. This is not true.

Have I made a mistake? I, in all good faith thought I was helping the community in a severly deprived area. Now Im not sure.