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Ditto, Siberian!

I think emesina is right about how the culture we grow up in has an effect on how we look at other cultures and their issues. I tend to look at things from my experiences. True, I did see some relationships in high school (and even college!) that resulted in nothing and were even harmful. However, my friends in high school (thus my experience) they were coming at it from the right perspective as Siberian is. Because this was my predominant experience, it hard for me to agree that most high school relationships are bad.

Yet, if I look past my experience, to other cultures, school districts, states, countries, etc., I would probably learn a lot and tend to agree, as I do already, that many youth could not handle it. In other words, my friends and I who had a lot of parent support in high school would have developed skills and perspectives that would lead to good, healthy, beneficial relationships, but other youth who did not have this support probably could not handle relationships unless they had great adult support elsewhere.