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Ok wow this did stirr up a hornets nest, but thats ok, obviously its a topic worth talking about… slightly confused from an above statement…

[quote:3cy2m9q4]As for kissing, Siberian, the Catechism says that as long as you do not specifically provoke sexual tendencies, it is alright. And also, if it happens by accident becasue you gave her a hug or something, that is alright as well. But if you do it on purpose, outside of marriage, that is wrong. [/quote:3cy2m9q4]

Ok when you say “But when you do it on purpose, outside of marriage, that is wrong.” are you saying, that if I kiss her on purpose its wrong, or if we are kissing and the next thing we know were all over eachother its wrong… confused… cause I definitly meant to kiss her <img decoding=” title=”Razz” /> Also if the answer was the second one, does that mean that as long as its just an accident its ok? Cause i can see problems with that point of view, the human mind couldnt help but to justify itself in such a circumstance…